Fruity Brunch Spot


11:00-16:00, Sun 12 Jan 2020

It’s brunch, but just a bit more fruity.

Guest Host: Manchesters performative party host and premier species-agnostic drag mother from outer space, Cheddar Gorgeous assumes the mantle of  host for a fruity Sunday Brunch.

DJ: Deeves will make you catch her contagious smile, whilst shaking your bum, just let it take over. Expect an aroma of good vibes in the room when she’s behind the decks.

Film: The Virgin Suicides, 1999, Sofia Coppola –3pm

To book a table for brunch click here.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020

Sunday, your new favourite day of the week; expect a high dose of happy vibes in the air.

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